Things finally get real for the team when Meilin’s home is under attack by the Conquerors. Her behaviour is consistent with her past behaviour and she¬†sneaks off to go on her own mission; to save her home and father. She’s stubborn and thick-headed, though I understand her need to help her home, her plan is stupid. Surely going with her team with have been more successful than one fighter, even if she’s a skilled warrior. Naturally, her team are very upset that she’s run away and they struggle with their desire to help their friend while continuing with their missions.

This was a very emotional instalment and it was great to see the series has such depth to its characters and world. There was a scene between Meilin and her father that had me tearing up. I still think Jhi, Meilin’s spirit animal, is too good for her but after this story, I hope Meilin will grow to deserve her. Their relationship is the most turbulent¬†I think. Sure, in the beginning, the others struggled with their particular animals, especially Connor since he was a shepherd that became bonded with a wolf, but the others have managed to compromise and understand their partners. Meilin, however, continues to boss around Jhi like a servant.

As always with this series, I was highly entertained and can’t wait to read the next one! I give it 4/5.


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