City of Bones, Cassandra Clare

The first book in the world famous The Mortal Instruments series the City of Bones definitely lives up the hype. Clary Fray must navigate the Shadow World, a world filled with magic and monsters that are hidden from the sight of average humans when her mother is kidnapped. Rescued from a toothy demon by a handsome demon hunter Clary is brought into the world of the Shadowhunters, demon hunters and the police of the Shadow World.

Clary can see what others can’t, witnessing a group of young Shadowhunters killing a demon in a busy club. She is shaken to her core by this but as time goes by she finds herself and her strength in a world that she finally feels makes sense to her. It is revealed that Clary really has Shadowhunter blood. She feels lied to by her mother which she struggles with whilst trying desperately to rescue her.

Clary befriends the group of young Shadowhunters; Isabelle and Alec Lightwood and their adopted brother Jace Wayland. Clary and Jace are instantly drawn to each other much to Alec and Clary’s best friend Simon’s annoyance. But when a horrible truth is revealed they will be pulled part.

I love the mythology of the Shadowhunter world, from demon to witches and vampires. Downwolders are supernatural creatures such as werewolves, vampires and warlocks who are policed by the Shadowhunters and The Accords, a signed treaty between the Downworlders and Shadowhunters. It is really complex, always surprising with their rules and twists!

I loved his book and series! It has gore dropping twists and turns and amazing suspense. It’s my favourite series, I’m truly a huge geek when it comes to the Shadowhunter world! I give it 5/5


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