Eighth Grade Bites, Heather Brewer

This vampire book was very enjoyable, it was good to read a vampire book that didn’t focus on dramatic teen love. Vlad, the main character, was a quiet, unpopular and teased kid. Plus, it was clever to have the main character as an average teenage boy who just happens to be a vampire instead of some charming, ancient, beautiful vampire. It was amusing that he looked like a stereotypical vampire; long black hair, pale complexion and dark wardrobe. Though, it wasn’t cliched, which was impressive.

Vlad’s crush on a girl and the way he went about it made him very relatable and realistic. It wasn’t like theĀ melodramaticĀ epic love that YA often focuses on which felt like a breath of fresh air.

The mystery of Vlad’s family is gradually revealed, having me guessing at each and every turn! I wanted to see which traditional myth elements would be used. And boy, I was not disappointed! The elements that were used were done well and those that weren’t had an interesting reason why.

A unique take on the teenage vampire genre, I give it 4/5


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