Evermore, Alyson Noel

Ever Bloom can see people’s auras, know their thoughts and can see someone’s entire life simply by touching them. Her abilities began after she was in a terrible car accident that claimed the lives of her parents and younger sister. The mystery of her powers has plagued Ever for months though she hasn’t managed to understand them.

To avoid any accidents she wears baggy clothes that cover every inch of skin and sunglasses and constantly listens to her iPod. Her unusual behaviour has branded her a freak by her peers and she struggles with their hate. Luckily, she does have a couple of friends, Haven and Miles. I adored Haven’s addiction to cupcakes and Miles was an entertaining drama queen with strings of boyfriends. They support Ever, even during her difficult times. Of course, there’s a mean girl, Stacia, who leads the tormenting of Ever, but Ever handles it, mostly.

To make her life even more complicated she is visited regularly by her sister’s ghost. Riley shows up to chat with her about normal teenage stuff which is good to see. Many ghosts become wise beyond their years after death and since Riley died so recently it’s realistic to see that she still behaves in the same way. It’s hard for Ever, she’s can’t mourn her sister and move on while still being visited by her ghost. This poor girl really does have a tough life.

The story focuses on Ever and the new boy in town, Damen. He’s charming, darkly handsome and wise beyond his years. He seems to know more about Ever than she does and she feels drawn to him and his answers. But her powers make her anxious about getting close to anyone, especially someone she’s attracted to. Talk about forbidden love! Their angst and longing were very entertaining. Will they get together? Will he reveal the truth about her powers? Argh, I just couldn’t read fast enough!

Their potential relationship is threatened when a mysterious girl appears with a connection to Damen. Drina is twice as cruel as Stacia, clever and supermodel beautiful. Not only does she try to seduce Damen to her side but she’s also getting her perfectly manicured claws into Haven! There are so many points of conflict in Ever’s life which made this book action-packed and addicting.

I saw in some reviews that other readers thought Evermore was a knock-off of Fallen by Lauren Kate. I’ve read a bit of Fallen, though it might be similar at times Evermore was much more enjoyable. Fallen I felt was heavily romance focus whilst Ever was also trying to understand her powers, school, the loss of her parents and help her ghost sister. I also found the Fallen characters to be stereotypical and often wallowing in their troubled lives.

I loved this book and have bought the rest of the series. I’m keen to read this series. Though it might not the best book out there, I really enjoyed. Plus it was fun to read a book about a psychic girl and the twist with Damen’s and Ever’s backstory and powers was entertaining, unexpected and unique. I give it 4/5.


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