I’m many of you have seen this series around. It was popular a few years ago and even had a movie (that was very different to the book). First, I think many of you readers will agree that Mo’s job as a book repairer is awesome! Meggie and her dad, Mo, have always loved reading but Mo has taught her to never read aloud. Meggie discovers that Mo can literary read characters to life simply by reading aloud. When Meggie was three her mother was sitting with her while her father read a new book, called Inkheart, aloud. To his horror, the characters came to life and attacked. While characters were brought out of the book, her mother was taken inside. For years Mo has searched for another copy to be able to read his wife back.

Now Capricorn, one of the characters, wants to rule the world and use Mo’s gift to do so. He’s hunted them for years, much to Meggie’s surprise, but he’s not the only one who’s followed them. Dustfinger was a street performer skilled with fire who was brought to life by Mo and has been hoping he will read him back to his world. Unfortunately, for Mo and Dustfinger, Capricorn has burnt all the other copies of Inkheart.

These characters were engaging and fun to read about. It was fun to read about people able to bring characters from books to life. How cool would that be! Over the course of the adventure, we see Meggie grow into her own, from a helpless little girl to a young woman who helps save her friends. I loved the side characters, especially Dustfinger and Farid. Plus, Gwin, the horned marten was awesome!

I enjoyed this book but the ending felt like a good conclusion to me and I’m sure if I’ll read the rest of the series. I give it 4/5.


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