Moonlight War Act 1, William Collins

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my review in any way and the thoughts expressed are my own.

The second book in the Realmer series sees Brooke, Evan and friends as they continue their apprenticeships and take on any challenge that comes their way. The book continues immediately on from the last one, only minutes after the climactic battle. Arantay chases after his brother through several worlds, giving into his vampire side. Meanwhile, Vanderain has checked over Brooke and Evan and explains that they are both Demon Spawn from different demons and that it would be best if they kept this knowledge to themselves, it would make them outcasts amongst their peers.

Just like the first book, Evan, Brooke and friends study various forms of magic. This time around, we get to learn about Venator sports, the main focus a game like a big arena battle. It was fun to see the Venators use their magic for fun if teenagers had magic you can believe it would be used for all sorts of entertaining things including crazy games. It also gave Evan a way of getting out his frustration over his situation, something the poor boy dearly needed.

With the games, we met new characters, though my favourite was Joelle. She was believably introduced, stated that in the previous book she was out on an extended mission. She was a lot of fun, feisty and witty. She is from a prestigious Venator family that has a feud with another family, the Madagant, which created many amusing scenes. My favourite was when we first meet her and Bane Madagant, she is walking through the library then exchanges a few words with Bane only to throw herself at him, launching over a table to tackle Bane to the ground. It was a great introduction, you understand their feud plus her personality. I must admit I agree with her, Bane is a jerk. When he pairs up with Sintian the there’s no stopping the two, they even drive the masters mad.

We don’t just follow the Venators, there’s a point of view following a Demon Disciple Kalkavan and his plans as well as a blood-thirsty werewolf, an insane girl in an asylum and the Dark Venators as they cause chaos over the realms. I loved the various pov, they provided a look at what is happening all over the realms without being a distraction to the main story nor slowing the pace. It was very intriguing to see them all, especially the insane girl who appears to have magic and was locked up by people who don’t understand it and the infamous Dark Venators. They really lived up to their build up, they were insane, power-hungry sadists.

After Cera’s betrayal, Evan isn’t exactly keen to try dating anyone no matter how much Jed tries to persuade him, but there are some girls that he is taking an interest in. Brooke isn’t fairing much better with Arantay, they were growing closer in the previous instalment yet now Arantay doesn’t believe they could ever be together because of his vampiric side and his longevity plus the fact that they are from entirely different worlds. That doesn’t stop Brooke caring for him though, the poor girl is always in pain because of it. Lok is still interested in Brooke, and they continue to have moments where it seems she feels drawn to him too.

It was intriguing to learn more about the Demon Spawn, their such powerful beings yet shrouded in so much misinformation and rumour that it’s hard to decipher what is real and what’s not. Even the great and ancient Vanderain knows little about them. His children believe that they pose an enormous threat that they should be eliminated or at the very least their magic should be removed. Though Vanderain is determined to find another way, Brooke and Evan are good kids, and he refuses to kill them, trying everything to help them control or suppress their magic. It was great to see a god-like creature care for mortals and try everything in his power to help them.

This series has plenty of humour and a fun take on the magic school sub-genre. The magic felt unique, from the Spell-zooka to the Elfpire. The characters were realistic and continued to develop in this instalment while the new characters added more to the story and were believably introduced. I loved this book and am keen to read the rest of the series. I give it 5/5.

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