Moonlight War Part II, William Collins

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my review in any way, and the thoughts expressed are my own.

I enjoyed the first two books and was intrigued to see how the third would compare. Following directly after the Moonlight War: Part I, we follow Brooke and Arantay as they try to prevent a war between the vampires and shifters of London. Meanwhile, Evan is on his first mission with Emi, Bane and Sintain. Both must continue to hide their demonic sorcery even as things become increasingly dangerous.

Evan’s mission involved a great deal of realm hopping, which allowed us to see the real variety of worlds, cultures and creatures. Bane and Sintain were aggravating, as always, and I pitied Evan that his very first mission had him stuck with those two jerks. Luckily, Emi was there to provide some friendship, and much needed humanity, though I’ve never understood why everyone gives her a hard time and calls her stupid.

Brooke and Arantay continue to have a complicated relationship. I understand that love is painful, especially when there are such strong reasons not to be together, but I found their ‘want to be with but I can’t because I am bad for you’ tiresome. We’ve had two books of this will they/won’t they and wished they would decide one way or another (I have never been a fan of this angst). Meanwhile, Lok continues to attempt to seduce Brooke, and a part of both Arantay and Brooke want her to be with Lok or another Venator, anyone other than Arantay

We had some intriguing twists and turns on both missions, including the appearance of some past characters. It was interesting to find out the fate of the characters who’s terrible fates had been inferred throughout the book.

This book did feel like it had been published too soon with many instances of ‘telling’ instead of showing, many characters over explaining or dialogue that felt quite scripted. Some elements made no sense, the biggest being that when a character’s throat is slit, it appears to be a minor irritation rather than the terminal injury it would be. This book also seemed to be quite long, which made the action-packed instalment feel much slower than usual. My enjoyment of the series made these mistakes even more disappointing, though I did still enjoy this book.

There was a shocking twist at the end which made for a serious cliff hanger. I give it 3/5.

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