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NetGalley is a great source for ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) and is used by many reviewers, including myself. I have reviewed some books from here already but unfortunately I have missed out on a few. So in case I miss another book before it is archived, here is a list of my NetGalley To Be Read:


Fledgling, Molly Harper

This changling girl is forced to hide her secret as she attends a magical finishing school for young ladies. I just hope it isn’t too slow or character focused and does have a captivating plot (hopefully some action or mystery).


Never-Contented Things, Sarah Porter

I’m excited to read a fantasy standalone, I’ve only read one I can remember – Daughter of the Burning City, Amanda Foody – and I intrigued by the prospect of a good fey adventure.


Seraphina, Rachel Hartman

For years I’ve heard this book is good so I had to jump at the chance to read it. This story about a half-dragon girl looks great with interesting characters and a complicated world


Before the Broken Star, Emily R King

Another book I have heard is great, Before the Broken Star looks set to take on a fantasy adventure battling time itself. This sounds like it will be an intriguing mystery.


Into the Hourglass, Emily R King

Interested to read this after the first book


Reverie, Ryan la Sala

This reality bending adventure sounds really intriguing. I’m interested to find out the truth and find out what exactly is going on with the world – magic, science or a combination of both?


I’m a Gay Wizard, V S Santoni

This sounds like a fun middle-grade book. I always enjoy a good ‘magic school’ story and love the added aspect of the main character’s sexuality.


Sparrowhawk, Delilah S Dawson, Matias Basla

Another fey book but very different than the fey books I’ve read – a girl must survive a fairy fight club. I’m keen to see what this version of fairy land will be and how she manages to survive.


The Immortal City, Amy Kuivalainen

A mystery trying to uncover the remnants of Atlantis becomes much more real than Penelope would have expected. I’m excited to see what they’ll do with the Atlantis myth.


Beasts of the Frozen Sun, Jill Criswell

A fantasy set in a land run by clans with strict beliefs follows Lira, a girl able to read people’s soul, and Reyker, a stranger from another clan who washes ashore amongst dead barbarians. This looks like an interesting read and I love the Viking-style clans.


Dragon Speaker, Elana A Mugdan

I’m excited to read about a Keriya, a girl unable to wield magic in a world full of magic wielders. I mean I feel sorry for her but I’m excited to read about how she survives. Plus, I love dragons!


Romanov, Nadine Brandes

This was a really popular release and I’m fascinated to see their version of the Romanov story. This is definitely high on my TBR.


Dark Shores, Danielle l Jensen

Another one high on my TBR, this book has pirates, meddlesome gods and a dangerous quest. I always love pirates and am excited for this surely entertaining read.


How to Fracture a Fairy Tale, Jane Yolen

Unique versions of known fairy tales and legends are always intriguing and I’m keen to read a short story collection.


The Raven’s Tale, Cat Winters

Edgar Poe was excited to start a new life – study at the prestigious new university and marry the woman he loves – when the macabre Muse takes control. This looks like an intriguing re-telling of sorts and I’m interested to read more about this famous man.


Emily Windsnap and the Pirate Prince, Liz Kessler

I’m excited for another pirate book, I’m glad they’re in fashion at the moment. A girl forced to turn to piracy to save someone she loves, she’s set to go on a dangerous and entertaining adventure.


Becoming the Dragon, Alex Sapegin

Simple put this cover intrigued me (I know, bad to judge a book by its cover but I can’t help it when the cover’s really pretty!). A novel following a boy transforming into a dragon sounds really intriguing – I love dragons and it’ll be fascinating to see how a boy handles becoming one.


Changing Masks, Nicholas Metelsky

Honestly, here’s another one I chose because of the cover ( it looks Japanese and I love Japanese culture and mythology). A sort of vigilante book, a boy with the training and memories of an adult mercenary spends his nights secretly taking down bad guys in Tokyo. This looks like an action-packed adventure inspired by anime and it’s high on my TBR.


Scales, Nicole Conway

A bracelet transforms a boy into a dragon superhero to battle ancient evil in New York City. Seems like an epic adventure and reminds of me a plenty of shows from when I was a kid. Plus, the story surrounding the boy’s personal life sounds intriguing.


Castle of Lies, Kiersi Burkhart

Thelia is in line to inherit the crown but elves invading and imprisoning her in the castle puts all her schemes on hold. This book has a nice cast of characters and I’m intrigued to see how they’ll all handle being forced together.

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