Pride Month Extension

Pride Month Extension!

As a bisexual and asexual I was excited for Pride month, yet with everything going on with moving house, I haven’t had the chance to write my post.

But just because June is over doesn’t mean we should stop showing our support for the LGBTQ+ community!

Anyway, here is a list of LGBTQ + asexual (for my fellow ace readers) books I am excited to check out:

Simon vs the Homosaipan Agenda, Becky Albertalli

I loved this book! It’s quirky style, and late 80s/ early 90s vibe was fun and helped a difficult, emotional story of a boy accepting his sexuality become a really amusing and entertaining read. Simon was a great main character, he was into so many things that my friends or I love, which made him feel like an old friend. I loved this theorising who Blue could be – it was one of my favourites things both in the book and the movie. Plus Simon was adorable, his gentle nature and obsession with Oreos made me want to wrap him up in a snug blanket to protect him from the mean people at his high school. The book encompassed the idea of falling in love with someone over the internet – who you’ve never met or seen a photo of – in a such a fantastic way, it was sweet and focused on the love and nerves of ‘what if they don’t like how I look’ rather than the seedy aspect of catfishing.

The cast of characters was engaging and summaries a variety of personalities. There was Abby, the cool, geeky girl every guy had a crush on without actually knowing the real Abby. Nick was a talented athlete and actually a good guy while Leah was Simon’s best friend and sarcastic outsider. Plus the jerk blackmailer Martin who – unfortunately – was not a really bad or cruel guy but became someone we could understand and empathise with (if only the bad guys were merely evil and easy to hate). Not to mention the all-important Blue, a geeky guy who seemed like the perfect fit for Simon and who was just as nervous about revealing his identity. When these two finally met, I couldn’t help but grin like an idiot – I’m sure I looked insane.

In addition to being a popular book, this story became an incredibly popular movie by the name of Love, Simon (probably a play on words of Love, Rosie from a few years ago). This movie held amazingly close to the book, it carried across the same characters, vide and themes all with a slight adaptation that only helped to enhance them. My favourite was the constant theorising of who Blue could be with various characters shown as Blue in Simon’s daydreaming. Not only was this true to the book and realistic of what anyone would do, but it was also super entertaining. The climax and reveal was so heartwarming and sweet it solidified this movie as my favourite ‘Coming Out’ movie (alongside In & Out from 1997)


Let’s Talk About Love, Claire Kann

This book follows Alice, a girl who has just been dumped after telling her girlfriend she is asexual. Now she is having feelings for Takumi and can’t stop the movie romance she is having for him.

I loved that this book was about a bisexual and asexual (since I am both it is exciting to find a character the same). I can’t wait to read this and for amazing things from numerous other book lovers.



Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, Mackenzi Lee

The first instalment in the Montague Siblings series sees Henry – aka Monty – born and bred to be a gentleman and run the family attempt to continue his life full of vice. To make matters worse, he’s crushing on his travelling companion and best friend, Percy.

This book looks entertaining, mischievous and full of engaging characters. This is on my TBR shortlist, especially since I’m looking for a mischievous book with the same vibe as Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.


Queens of Geek, Jen Wilde

As the name suggestions, this book is full of cosplay, fandoms and all things geeky. Set at a convention, this book explores love, friendship, feminism and courage to be yourself.

This book looks like a lot of fun, and I’m excited by the geeky themes.


Fan Art, Sarah Tregay

A supportive and light-hearted story follows Jamie, a boy in love with his best friend, Mason. Though he hides his feelings, everyone seems to know and continue to set them up, much to Jamie’s embarrassment. This book looks sweet and supportive and a great read to break up the struggles of the world.


Chameleon Moon, RoAnna Sylver

Set in a fantasy world full of superheroes, a secret rebellion and a ruthless police force, this story follows Regan, Hans, Evelyn and hundreds of others trapped within a quarantined city. This looks like an absorbing world that I could quickly lose myself in; superpowers, hope in the face of certain death and an entertaining cast of gifted characters.

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