The second instalment in the Royal Institute of Magic series follows Ben on his first official day at the Institute. But it doesn’t go as he expects. A Shadowseeker, Dark Elf assassin, attacks the Dragon Way. Chaos erupts, with the fear of a killer that can literally pop out of thin air anywhere in the world making even the Department Heads anxious.

To make matters worse, Ben much juggle his Apprenticeship with tracking down Elizabeth’s Armour and learning his family’s secrets. Not only does he have to find the nest piece of the armour, but he must also find its Guardian. Not mere feet since just like his family, their identity and ancestry are hidden after hundreds of years of secrecy. Even if he can find them, he must get passed a creature more ferocious than a Shadowseeker and strong enough to take down a dragon.

The world of the Institute grows even more complicated as we learn more about the Institute departments and the Apprenticeship. Just as the first book, the characters, world and humour shine. Ben’s humour in the face of enormous obstacles along keeps this a fun and entertaining read. A magic school with a difference, the Institute feels like no other ‘school’. Instead of your typical classrooms, the Apprentices practice in the various Departments in simulation areas and study in the ancient library. Dagma, the woman that manages the Apprenticeships, a tough, strict character with an amusing undertone.

This series is sure to be action-packed and full of humour. I’ve already bought the next books and can’t wait to read what happens next. I give it 5/5.


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