Stardust, Neil Gaiman

This tradition-style fairy tale follows a young man named Tristan Thorn on his quest to retrieve a fallen star for the woman he loves. In a small village in England runs an enormous wall which gives the village its name of Wall. There is a gap in the wall which is guarded night and day by the villagers, preventing anyone from crossing to the mystical ‘OtherĀ Side’ where the land of Fairy lies. However, every nine years a market his held in the field on the other side of the Wall where people from both sides can come together.

Tristan is attempting to win the heart of the most beautiful woman in the village, Victoria Forester. He finally has his chance when they witness a falling star and strike a bargain that if Tristan brings back the star to Victoria she will give him whatever he desires. Giddy with hope, Tristan starts off on his journey into the mysterious land beyond the wall. He makes fast friends with a little hairy creature who gives him a magical candle which allows him to walk a mere four steps to the location of the star.

Little did he know that the star was really a beautiful, though difficult woman. A dying king had enchanted a gem to determine which of his sons would retrieve it, becoming his heir and the King of Stormhold. The enchanted gem rose into the sky and struck a star, making her fall from the sky. Due to the beliefs of her people the star must now carry the gem until someone asks her for it.

This is a good story but the traditional style of it means that it doesn’t allow for deep characters or character development. In many novels you read about what a character is thinking or feeling but not in this one. You read about what they are doing and in rare instances, it talks about how they are feeling but not often. Due to this, I found I liked the novel less than I could’ve.

Even so, it was a good read, a fun fairy tale with witches, flying ships and magical creatures. I give itĀ 3/5


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