Dragons have survived thousands of years by being able to hide in human form. However, they are still not safe. Dragons are being hunted by the Order of St. George a group of dragon slaying human bent on the extermination of the dragon species. The dragons are cunning and are working their way into every government and high-level positions in human society. Trained from birth to assimilate easily into human society all dragons work for the organisation known as Talon, or so they’re told. Few dragons disagree with Talon’s views and orders, becoming rogues that are hunted by their own species. Ember and Dante Hill are two young dragons being trained to survive in the human world.

Ember and Dante are the only siblings among their species, they were technically clutch mates but are twins in human form. Dante serves Talon loyally while Ember longs to be free and live an average teenage life. She loves her life among humans, having friends and a life that she truly loves. Her longing and Dante’s almost blind loyalty causes some tension between the siblings which really develops both characters and their relationships.

Garret Xavier is a highly skilled young St. George soldier. Along with his partner he, has been assigned to find and eliminate the two dragon sleeper agents, Ember and Dante. But as he learns more her Garret finds himself drawn to her in a way he can’t explain and she to him. His feelings for Ember put his mission and his loyalty to St. George in jeopardy. His conflicted emotions are a great source of development for Garret and the story.

Garret and Ember are both keeping secrets from each other but will they come out? And when they do how will the other react? I loved the unusual twist on dragons and the suspense between the revelation of everyone’s secrets.

I really liked this book and am looking forward to the next in the series. I give it 4/5.


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