Book One in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. Sophie and her twin brother Josh are pulled into an ancient battle between the forces of good and evil. Josh works at a bookstore while Sophie works directly opposite at a coffee shop during the summer. But when Josh’s boss Nick Fleming is attacked by a mysterious man and his henchmen they are shocked to find the world is what they seem. The man,¬†known as Dr. John Dee, tries to steal a book referred to as the Codex but Josh manages to steal the last few pages in their escape. But in the chaos Nick’s wife, Perenelle, is captured.

The twins flee with Nick and join up with an ancient warrior named Scathach, aka Scatty. They discover that ‘Nick’ is really a centuries-old alchemist, Nicholas Flamel, who was the protector of a powerful spell book known as The Book of Abraham the Mage, the book he lost. His wife is an ancient sorceress. They are both kept alive by a potion found in the Codex, now that it’s missing they will age a year for every day, by the end of the month they’ll be dead.

Scatty is not human but rather a part of a race that lived before humans, the Elder Race. They are the base many myths and vary greatly from person to person. Many of the Elder Race were killed when their city, Danu Talis, was destroyed. But some survived. Those that did mostly live in Shadowrealms, lands magically separated from the human world. Some have no interest in the human world, some live in it and some wish to conquer it. Those wanting to rule the world are known as Dark Elders. The Elder Race can’t interfere with the human world so operate using human servants. Dee is one such servant. I loved the references to classic myths and how the characters were incorporated into the story. It was very original.

There is a prophecy in the book about twins who could either save the world or destroy it. Nicholas reveals that he believes that Sophie and Josh are these twins. In order for them to learn how to use their magic,¬†Nicholas takes them to Hekate, The Goddess with Three Faces and a powerful member of the Elder Race. She switches between three forms; young, mature and old. Each has a different response to Nicholas’ request. Meanwhile, Dee and his masters gear up to wage war on Hekate’s Shadowrealm to regain the missing pages.

I loved this book! You read from the perspective of Sophie, Josh, Perenelle, Dree and even Nicholas. This may sound confusing but it actually makes the story even fuller. I can’t wait to read the rest the of the series! I give it 5/5.


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