The Copper Gauntlet, Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Call’s home for the summer after his first at The Magisterium. But Call won’t be having a relaxing, fun-filled summer like his friends. Hints lead him to believe his father suspects his secret and plans to do something about it. After a fight with his dad, Call runs away with Havoc.

Arriving at Tamara’s house during a fancy garden party where Aaron is the star attraction. While at the party the group hears that the Alkahest, powerful artefact that poses a threat to chaos-wielders, was stolen. Call has a great time over the next two weeks with his friends, Tamara’s sister Kimiya and her boyfriend, Alex.

Back at school Master Rufus states that the Copper Year is when they start doing field assignments. The trio is eager to go on more adventures, but Alastair’s arrival dampens the mood even though Call refuses to see him. After a disturbing nightmare about Master Joseph, Call learns how to make a stone that will hide a Makar from the Enemy of Death’s minions and Alastair.

A warning from Warren precedes Jasper telling Call that his dad is missing. Call, and his friends are convinced that he’s taken the Alkahest. Deciding to go find Alastair, Call packs his packs and walks out the door with Havoc only to discover his friends ready to go with him. As they sneak out Jasper discovers them and to keep him from tattling they bring him with them. It was amusing to see Call stuck with someone he finds so annoying and there was enjoyable banter between the two.

Just after leaving the Magisterium they come across a compound in the forest. Former Magisterium masters are studying chaos-ridden animals. They have dozens trapped in cages, treating them as test subjects for their experiments. To hide Call and his friends when the Magisterium Masters arrive, the group takes Havoc as collateral and make a deal for Aaron to spend a couple hours with them in the future. After releasing all the animals and escaping, the foursome continues their quest.

On their journey, the group are attacked by a fearsome elemental, chaos-ridden and chat with head on a pike. As with the last book, The Copper Gauntlet was packed with action-packed, mystery and suspense. It provides a good precedent as to what the rest of the series will be like, and I can’t wait to read what happens next. This was one of my favourite books, I even have a signed copy! I give it 5/5.


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