The Expedition, Chris Babu

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my review in any way and the thoughts expressed are my own.

A dystopian world where American cities have been cut off from one another to quarantine themselves from a deadly disease. Now a group of young genius teenagers paired with old soldiers from New America, aka New York, are sent out to re-establish communication with Boston.

We start by following Drayden as he prepares for the mission. A strange woman comes to him and reveals that his mother wasn’t randomly exiled so that the city would have one less mouth to feed but was specifically targeted. Confronted with a conspiracy that goes right to the top, Drayden tries to delay the mission with no avail. Part of me appreciated that the scheme wasn’t hidden for most of the book but was put out there right in the beginning. However, as most of the dystopian books I have read have the government hiding a dark secret that reveals them to be cruel and manipulative, I immediately became less engaged with this novel.

At the start, Drayden has been dating Catrice for a few months. But when she meets the handsome and athletic soldier Eugene, she forgets all about Drayden and fauns all over the new guy. Poor Drayden must put up with his girlfriend ditching him for someone else while admitting that Eugene is actually a good guy and trying to complete their mission. Catrice’s behaviour was so trashy and cold-hearted, what a horrible way to treat someone. In the end, she gets annoyed at Drayden which only made me hate the self-centred, hypocrite even more!

Meanwhile, Drayden becomes closer to Sidney, a kind, good humoured girl. It was great Drayden had someone who was there for him, who genuinely cared about him more than their own self-interests. Earlier on, you could see the budding connection between the two, and I immediately wanted them to get together.

Turns out this book was mostly about a group of young, intelligent teenagers attempting to survive and navigate through the wildness. Now for anyone who has read my reviews before you might be able to tell I don’t read books about people trying to survive in the wildness, I actually find them incredibly dull. Since the genre isn’t one I enjoy, I found this book extremely hard to read. Add to this the fact of conspiracy on conspiracy, and I really did not enjoy this novel.

I really didn’t like this book, it was of a genre I don’t enjoy and therefore found in extremely slow. The conspiracy on top of scheme was easy to see coming and seemed very much like the author was trying too hard to create complicated twists that shock the reader. I give it 2/5, though I imagine a fan of the genre would enjoy it more.

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