The Fallen and Leviathan, Thomas E Sniegoski

The Fallen and Leviathan are about a boy named Aaron, an unknowing Nephilim, who is being hunted by angels called The Powers because it is foretold that he will reunite the Fallen with God. The Fallen, angels that have fallen from heaven’s graces, try to protect Aaron with devastating consequences for Aaron and his foster family.

Aaron’s human mother died at childbirth while his angel father still remains a mystery. Due to Aaron’s lack of family he was placed in the system and eventually he ended up with the Stanley family; Thomas, Lori and their disabled son Stevie. And of course the most important character for Aaron, my personal favourite, Gabriel the dog. Due to Aaron healing him, Gabriel is very intelligent and is able to communicate with Aaron due to Aaron’s talent with languages, even animal.

It starts off fairly well paced with the introduction into the Nephilim being hunted, Aaron’s daily life and the Powers. However, it progresses slowly with scenes like the characters eating and unimportant conversations. This made the book slow and go from enjoyable to a real task. It is divided into two parts; The Fallen and Leviathan. This works well for the storylines but it made the book feel unnecessarily long.

It could have been quite good if it was faster.

I give this book 1/5.


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