The Fate of Ten, Pittacus Lore

The most recent in the Lorian series by Pittacus Lore this book is filled with twist, turns and exciting revelations that were well worth the wait. With Ella in the hands of Setrakus Ra and the Garde split up yet again while the Mogadrorians very publicly launch their invasion of Earth. With a group of Garde travelling to Mexico to a supposedly ancient Loric Sanctuary the remaining Garde must find a way to put a stop to the Mogs invasion.

We learn more about Pittacus Lore and Setrakus Ra in this book which is really worth the wait. The relation between Lore and Ra is similar to many other books where one young man follows the path of greatest and selfless behaviour while the other follows their own dark and selfish desires. We also learn more about Lore’s Legacies which helps us to understand John’s better. His Legacy to copy other abilities explains John’s abilities but it isn’t as simple as copying someone’s power when you see it which is interesting. John has to understand it and know how it feels to use it in order to replicate it.

Selected humans develop Legacies of their own becoming the first human Garde. These human are lost and confused, many believing that they have nothing to with this fight. This introduces the possibility of many new characters which is exciting.

The end of this book is sad but makes sense. However, I found the government agents to be very annoying. The Fate of Ten was very enjoyable, I can’t wait for the next book.

I give this book 4/5.


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