The House of Night series, Kristen & P C Cast

This series follows Zoey Redbird and her friends as they try to find out the truth about the mysteries of their school and fight the darkness that threatens to destroy all. Zoey is a vampire fledgeling sent to the House of Night to complete the change, learn about the vampire society and understand her new gifts. She is gifted with an affinity for earth, air, fire, water and spirit and is chosen by the goddess Nyx.

Vampires have always existed in a society parallel to the humans. Some great people in history were vampires. It’s great to read a series where vampires are not hidden but live in a well known and established society all of their own. This is interesting as it brings some religious fanatics to blame them for everything and some conflicts between the vampires and these fanatics have occurred in the past.

The society worships the goddess of night known as Nyx. They worship regularly at the school and invoke blessing at any opportunity. When it is learnt that Zoey is blessed by the goddess she takes on a strong role as a young Priestess in training assembling her own circle. Her friends Shaunee, Erin, Damien and Stevie Rae who each have been gifted with an affinity for earth, water, air or fire.

This series has lots of suspense, mystery and magic. It has great character development, especially for the main characters. The books are a good length even though there are twelve books and novellas it doesn’t feel like a chore and is easy to read. It is one of my favourite series.

This is an amazing series. I give it 5/5


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