The Inquisition, Taran Matharu

The second book in The Summoner series starts off with Fletcher in the absolutely worst situation – imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. In a dark, dank cell with only Ignatius and two books to keep him sane for an entire year, he manages to keep his skills in tiptop shape. When he finally gets a trial, the Triumberant – an alliance of every noble family that hates him – has rigged the evidence. Yet thanks to some clever work by Artorius, he is able to prove Fletcher’s innocence only for Rook and the Inquisitors to come in and throw Fletcher in more trouble than he’s ever been!

I usually find court scenes incredibly dull, but after the first book I was so invested in the characters that I was enthralled in every comment and sneaky deal they did. Plus, we got to see all the characters from Pelt, even that jerk Didric who is looking worse for wear (thankfully). It was awesome.

Now Fletcher and his friends are on an insane mission into the heart of the orc lands. I was so intrigued to finally get to see the fearsome orcs and I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed, they were even more ferocious than I expected. It was great to see that the ‘orc’ lands weren’t just inhabited by orcs but other creatures like gremlins. It was fascinating to see the comparison between their cultures as well as that of the humans, dwarves and elves. This aspect became one of my favourites in this book.

This is an excellent series full of fantasy races, magical creatures and plenty of action (which I love). There were some really great twists and turns, with a major mystery, the book had quite a surprising reveal. I had the audiobook for both this and the previous book which was a lot of fun and the narrator really made the book come alive. I give it 5/5 and am excited to continue on with Taran Matharu’s great series.

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