The Slug Queen, S O Thomas

A fun kids book.
I loved how the main character, Cricket, questioned her sanity after seeing strange trails of coloured dust around her house. After reading her late mother’s journal researching into the strange dust, Cricket’s world takes a crazy turn.

The poor girl suffers through real cruelty at the hands of her family under the influence of magic, yet still she remains strong. Really impressive for a twielve-year-old! It was slow in the beginning, though i did enjoy some of her uncovering the truth. Since the main adventure took place it Faeryland, it took a long time to get going.

With the help of a mischievous talking cat, Fenlick, Cricket goes on a crazy adventure into an entirely new world to rescue her bother and save her family. Through several dangerous and magical challenges Cricket is put to the test and we get to see her strength and confidence grow.

This adventure into Faeryland was fun and entertaining, full of danger and fun comments from Fenlick. I give it 3/5, since it was quite slow to get into the main adventure. It’s a good read and is now also an audiobook!

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