Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy short story, Cassandra Clare

This short story follows Simon as he joins the Shadowhunter Academy a few months after the events of The Mortal Instruments series. Simon, now human, is training for Ascension, the process of drinking from The Mortal Cup and becoming a Shadowhunter. He meets other students ranging in age from a mere eleven-years-old to about Simon’s age.

Simon makes friends with George Lovelace, an athletic boy the same age as Simon who is also new to the Shadow World. This gives him someone to relate to as they navigate the oddities of the newly reopened Academy. Simon finds a group of young Shadowhunters students who are elitists; believing the mundanes to be weak and inferior to those with Shadowhunter blood. This is difficult for Simon to stomach, eventually ditching these people.

Simon is also struggling to remember his previous life, being grateful for the opportunity to have space from his ‘friends’, Clary and the others. Some start to make their way into his dreams, giving him horrible nightmares. He must come to terms with who he is now and who he could have been.

This short story was thoroughly enjoyable. I loved Simon as a character and relished the opportunity to learn more about him, the returning of his memories and his journey to becoming a Shadowhunter. I liked the introduction of a new viewpoint in the Shadowhunter world and the new characters. I give it 5/5


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