Dystopian · Sci-Fi · Young Adult books

The Darkest Minds, Alexandra Bracken

Upcoming movies always intrigue me in the books they’re based on, yet this one has been on my TBR for ages now. And it did not disappoint. A dystopian America where kids under the age of eighteen somehow receive enhanced abilities one day while the other kids die suddenly. After that day the youth are… Continue reading The Darkest Minds, Alexandra Bracken

Mystery · Young Adult books

One Of Us Is Lying, by Karen M McManus

A dead body, four suspects; everyone has secrets. Simon ran a gossip app, revealing everyone's deepest, darkest secrets. Bronwyn, the good-girl nerd. Nate, the drug-dealing parolee. Addy, the popular girl dating the perfect boy, and Cooper, the best baseball player in the school. Each was lured to dentation that fateful date, five virtual strangers, four… Continue reading One Of Us Is Lying, by Karen M McManus

Fantasy · Young Adult books

Frostfire, Amanda Hocking

Going into this, I had no idea this book was a part of a previously established world. It only came up in a few comments and the confidence with which the author spoke about obviously established world elements. I was intrigued by the main characters being trolls that appear like normal humans apart from a… Continue reading Frostfire, Amanda Hocking

Adventure · Fantasy · Paranormal · Young Adult books

Queen Heir, Jaymin Eve

I’m a big fan of paranormal books, especially werewolves, so I was practically jumping up and down when I came across this novel revolving around wolf and bear shifters. The basic set up of this world sees power coursing through magic current lines, ley lines, throughout the world that culminates in crystals in New York.… Continue reading Queen Heir, Jaymin Eve

Contemporary · Young Adult books

Take Three Girls, Simmone Howell, Cath Crowley & Fiona Wood

An Australian book written by three authors and set in Melbourne, follows the lives of three drastically different girls. Clem, Kate and Ady all attend St. Hilda’s, an all-girls school where both Clem and Kate board. Assigned to a group together in a Wellness class, the three grow to become friends while finding themselves. It… Continue reading Take Three Girls, Simmone Howell, Cath Crowley & Fiona Wood

Fantasy · Paranormal · Young Adult books

Carnival of Secrets, Melissa Marr

I’ve enjoyed Marr’s previous series, Wicked Lovely, and enjoyed her writing style as well as her fantasy concepts. This first book in the new Untamed City series follows three main characters; Mallory, Aya and Kaleb. In this book, there are two parallel worlds, our human world where the witches live and The City, a brutal… Continue reading Carnival of Secrets, Melissa Marr

Children's books · Fantasy

The School For Good & Evil, Soman Chainani

Sophie and Agatha live in a village where teens are kidnapped by a mysterious School Master, two each year; one for Good, one for Evil. From their birth, everyone suspects which school each child will be chosen for, but none was more certain than Sophie. Beauty typical of any princess, she’s confident she’ll be chosen… Continue reading The School For Good & Evil, Soman Chainani