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The Taken, Foxcraft series book 1, by Inabli Iserles

This book is about a young fox, Isla, who finds her family’s den in flames one evening and must search for her family through the treacherous lands of the furless (humans) and escape the dangerous foxes that are hunting her. This book has a similar style to the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. These book are good for animal lovers however I find them to be a bit too slow for my liking.

Foxcraft which is an almost magical craft that foxes use to survive this includes the ability to take on another creature’s form or even turn invisible for a short period of time. The story of foxcraft sounds interesting especially when the wise Elders of the fox community and the evil antagonist, the Mage, is introduced. This could really be built on quite easily while Isla learns more about foxcraft and gains the skills required to find her family.

This book is good for fans of the Warriors series but as mentioned above I found this book to be slow and didn’t enjoy it. It took a while for anything significant to happen and I found it to be overly descriptive. There seemed to be quite a while between significant scenes. This was filled with side stories that seemed to distract from the main story.

I have to give it 3/10.

Happy reading!


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