Paranormal · Young Adult books

The Secret Circle, book 1, L. J. Smith

The Initiation and The Captive Part 1

Cassie Blake and her mother move to the small town of New Salem to care for her grandmother. Unknown to Cassie she is a witch and is destined to be the twelfth member of the Circle. She falls in love with the boyfriend of her best friend Diana and he with her. However, they vow never to be together because of the pain it would cause Diana. When a friend is killed the Circle must protect themselves and those they care for before it’s too late.

Cassie meets a mysterious young man while on summer break and immediately falls in love with him, though she barely knows him. Weeks after she has been living in New Salem and has come to love Diana as a sister she learns that this mysterious man is Diana’s boyfriend, Adam. Cassie and Adam eventually give into their feelings but feel so guilty that they vowed never to touch each other again. However, Faye, a conniving and manipulative member of the Circle, discovers the truth and blackmails Cassie into doing her dirty work.

Though this book is about witches, mysteries, murder and dark magic it spends a lot of time on the politics and drama of the interactions of the teenagers. It is very slow. Even though the story could have been good, it is so slow and spends so much time on unnecessary things such as melodramatic interactions that I couldn’t enjoy it. This led me to really not like the book at all.

I was looking forward to reading this book but really didn’t like it in the end. I give 4/10.

Happy reading!


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