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Wicked Lovely series

This fast paced, action packed series is focused on the world that is filled with a variety of faeries that are invisible to humans. These are not the nice, friendly faeries from tales but fearsome creatures they prey upon humans. The first book follows a young girl, Aislinn, who has the ability to see the faeries for what they are. She is chosen, against her efforts,  by the Summer King to undergo a trial to become his long lost Summer Queen. Together they must face trials, challenges and the terrifying faerie world.

The entire series follows a variety of character some human, some faeries from the Summer Court, Dark Court, Winter Court and the High Court. The range of characters keeps the series fast paced and interest with very few slow moments.

I love this series, it’s probably my favourite series based on faeries. I give it 10/10.

Happy reading!



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