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Clockwork Prince, The Infernal Devices book 2, by Cassandra Clare

The second instalment in The Infernal Devices series is even better than the first. Tessa and the Shadowhunters of London must pursue Mortmain and Tessa’s brother Nate whilst struggling against traitorous sources from within the Clave. Tessa grows closer to Jem though she still retains conflicted feeling for Will who broke her heart at the end of the first novel. The Branwells’ control of the London Institute is under threat if they cannot find Mortmain in a two week period. Filled with exciting twists and unexpected turns this book had me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning.

Tessa develops a great deal in the second book, becoming stronger, more confident whilst dealing with her feelings of betrayal over her brother. The mystery of her powers is a source of intrigue. Thought to be a warlock however she does not display any marks. Her powers are also extremely rare in the Shadow World. Though the mystery is partially revealed, it raising more questions than answers.

Jem and Tessa become closer in this book, developing a supportive and close relationship which is lovely to read about. I prefer their relationship to that of Tessa and Will as they are more supportive and kind to one another. Will was always on the brink of being cruel and insensitive to Tessa while being selfish and self-centred. I believe that Jem is better for Tessa than Will.

Jem’s illness is explained more in this book. The drug he is addicted to is explained more and we see the booming industry of demon drugs in the Shadow World.

The other characters are also developed further. Charlotte and Henry’s relationship is examined more and we see that they actually really love one another. Jessamine’s hatred of being a Shadowhunter grows while she tries to find a way out of her current life. Sophie takes on a larger role as we see how she tries to deal the death of her two closest friends, Agatha and Thomas, while she develops feelings for a handsome gentleman suitor.

The period setting didn’t bother me this time round as I got completely absorbed into the story. This book helped to expand the Shadowhunter world which I am really falling in love with.

I loved this book and simply can’t wait for the next. I give it 10/10.

Happy reading!


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