Adventure · Paranormal · Young Adult books

Glass Houses, The Morganville Vampires #1, by Rachel Caine

Set in Morganville, Texas, Claire Danvers has just started university and is living in a horrible dormitory on campus. Constantly being bullied by cruel mean girls Claire attempts to escape by moving to a house off campus. But Claire’s new roommates are not what they seem. The same can be said for everyone else in Morganville. Vampires rule the town in secret and they won’t stand for anyone breaking their rules or snooping around.

Claire is disliked by her peers because she very smart meaning she advanced grades and is significantly younger while she is also from out of town. Claire is a good character, naive, but smart and brave. She must navigate the supernatural forces at play in her new home and find out who she can trust.

I like that Eve, one of Claire’s roommates, is a goth. It lets people see that though people may dress differently they are still people. Eve is also very nice to Claire and looks out for her whenever she can. Claire’s other housemates include Shane and Michael, two mysterious boys who also care for Claire. They are all quite protective of her because of her young age, intelligence and frankly her geek-ness. They are all like a nice little family that cooks, cleans and cares for each other even though they are quite different.

The vampires in this series are powerful and mysterious. I liked the mythology of this series.

This book was very entertaining with some good twists and turns. I give it 7/10.

Happy reading!


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