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The Titan’s Curse, Percy Jackson book 3, Rick Riordan

As usual with this series, we jump right into the action with Percy, Annabeth and Thalia meeting Grover at a military boarding school where Grover believes there to be two young half-bloods. We learn that the half-bloods are brother and sister, Nico and Bianca di Angelo. But before they can even talk to the pair they are attacked by a monster and are rescued by a mysterious group of bow-wielding girls called The Hunters. However, during the battle Annabeth disappears. The Hunters are a group of immortal hunters who have sworn off men and amongst them is their goddess Artemis in the form of a twelve-year-old girl. She explains that ancient monsters are stirring and they endanger the entire world. Bianca joins the hunters and becomes an immortal which upsets her younger brother. Artemis sends her Hunters and the half-bloods to Camp Half-Blood with a ride from her twin brother, the sun god Apollo.

After arriving at Camp Percy has dreams of Annabeth in great danger while the leader of The Hunters, Zoe, dreams of Artemis imprisoned. Percy and Zoe beg to go rescue their trapped friends but only Zoe, Bianca, Grover and Thalia are chosen to go. Unsurprisingly Percy sneaks along in hopes of saving Annabeth. The group travels across America following in Artemis’ trail and run into Luke and his army while fighting off fierce monsters. Luke’s army is now being led by a mysterious figure known only as The General.

In the previous book, we learn of a prophecy stating that a child of The Big Three would either save Olympus or destroy it by their sixteenth birthday. Initially, it was thought to be Percy that the prophecy spoke of but when Thalia was revived by the Golden Fleece everything changed. During their adventure, both are tested to see what they will do, especially Thalia who is only a week away from turning sixteen.

This was a great book just like the others, filled with adventure, mythology and mystery. I loved learning more about the prophecy. I also enjoyed the new myths that it referenced. I loved this book and give it 10/10.

Happy reading!



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