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Nocturnal Academy, book 1, by Ethan Somerville

Alice Dibble lives in Appleton, Australia. She’s just about to start high school when she gets the chance to apply for a place at the mysterious Nocturnal Academy. At the information night she learns that the world is much more complex than she thought. Supernatural creatures are real; vampires, werewolves, elemental spirits, the lot! Alice is really a vampire and never knew.

I really enjoyed this interpretation of the classic supernatural creatures. Though having many of the classic abilities and weakness the ways they managed these was unique. The vampires use super strong sunscreen for one. I liked the way the students were divided into dorms based on their aspect. It made a lot of sense, vampires and werewolves would need very different sleeping arrangements.

The variety of supernatural creatures was really fun. I especially enjoyed the selection of different weres, like werewolves and were-bears. They are very animal like which I always thought worked best for were-creatures.

This book was very enjoyable. I loved the characters and the variety of creatures, along with the fact that it is set in Australia which is a nice change. I give it 8/10.

Happy reading!

Hayley Morgan


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