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The Amber Spyglass, His Dark Materials bk 3, by Philip Pullman

The final book in His Dark Material trilogy sees the adventure come to a close. Mrs. Coulter has kidnapped Lyra, using a sleeping draft to keep her under control. While asleep Lyra dreams of Roger in a land of ghosts and grey mist. Meanwhile, Will argues with the two angels with him about what they should do; they want Will to come with them while he’s desperate to find Lyra. Finally, they agree to search for Lyra. On their way to find Lyra the trio is attacked by a powerful angel, Metatron, the Lord of Angels, and they narrowly escape.

We learn more about Dust, angels and even God. Angels are actually formed from Dust that becomes conscious. They are hard to see, visible only out of the corner of your eye and in low light. It’s interesting that they are weaker than humans, easily slain by humans. They long for human flesh, to be able to taste and touch. God was not the creator of the universe but was the first angel. Who told angels after him that he created everything and is the supreme being. They, in turn, worshipped him as such.

Meanwhile, we also follow Mrs. Coulter, Lord Asriel and Dr. Mary Malone. Mrs. Coulter struggles to find a way to survive after she dispbeyed the Magesterium and didn’t kill Lyra. Lord Asriel readies his forces from various worlds in his stronghold while Mary lives with odd creatures called and learns about their culture and, inadvertably, about what Dust does in the world. Mary’s adventure I find the most interesting as the creatures are more primitive than humans but are very intriguing. They basically look like elephants on wheels. They’re very kind and gentle creatures.

Once Lyra and Will are reunited they go on a quest to the land of the dead to talk to Roger and Will’s father. It’s a rough and draining journey. Along the way, they learn that in some worlds people have their deaths walk beside them just like daemons. Lyra must call her own death to lead them to the land of the dead. I won’t spoil the ending because

I won’t spoil the ending because it has some very good twists. It’s a good read but I didn’t enjoy the series very much after the first book. I found the whole religious elements good but sudden. There was no mention of angels in the first book, they seemed to just pop up in the second. I give it 3/5.

Happy reading!!



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