Paranormal · Young Adult books

Claire de Lune by Christine Johnson


This paranormal novel follows a young girl, Claire, as her life becomes more complicated than ever before. I’m a big fan of shifter books, especially werewolves, so when I found this novel I couldn’t read it fast enough.

On her sixteenth birthday, Claire discovers she a werewolf. Naturally, she struggles with this knowledge, finding out she’s not at all who she thought she was. I thought the author did this very well, we knew how Claire was feeling but the description of her emotional state didn’t slow down the plot. Locals have been attacked by a wolf and the pack is concerned it will draw unwanted attention towards them. There are a few sections we see from the unknown wolf’s perspective. They’re cruel and bloodthirsty, revelling in the bloodshed and death. It’s a great mystery trying to guess who the murderous werewolf is, whether they’re a pack member or someone else entirely. When it was revealed I was quite surprised.

It’s also interesting to note that all the werewolves are female. This changes the pack dynamic than your regular werewolves pack, for example instead of an alpha male they have a female. Not only that but the werewolves are also able to do some basic magic like starting fires which I thought was pretty unique.

Not only does she have to deal with her new life but she also has a budding romance with her crush, Matthew. He’s such a sweet guy and I just couldn’t stand them not being together! They’re so cute together. But the romance didn’t overwhelm the novel like plenty of young adult books. To make matters worse Matthew’s father is leading a local werewolf hunt. He wants to study them which puts the local pack on edge, trapping Claire squarely in the middle. Like any normal love-struck girl, her feelings for Matthew override any rational thought. She should stay away from him but her heart won’t let her. Everyone enjoys a good forbidden love story.

It was a fun read and I give it 4/5


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