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Crystal Magic by Madeline Freeman


At first, I thought this book was going to be a copy The Secret Circle by which I did not enjoy. Thankfully this was not the case. The main girl, Kristyl, does move in with a relative who lives in an old mansion and is tormented by the local popular girls who seem to know more her than she does. And it turns out she has magical powers.

However, the characters are quite different. I found the people in The Secret Circle were irritating, melodramatic and frustrating. Crystal Magic’s characters, on the other hand, were developed and interesting. I loved her Aunt Jodi, she was the cool aunt we all wanted as a child, and Owen is such a great guy and he’s nice to the weird new girl in town.

It was disappointing to come across a love triangle in this otherwise enjoyable book. It wasn’t the main focus but it’s definitely there. In most scenes, she’s drawn towards Owen, though every now and then it’s Fox. Owen is the potentially more-than-close-friends boy who is supportive, funny and helps Kristyl understand her powers. While Fox is the smart-ass playboy who gets under her skin. I want her to get together with Owen, they’re great together! They’re good friends with amusing, joking banter and they support each other during the difficult times.

There were some very good twists in this book. My favourite is the truth about Kristyl’s powers. She’s always had strange things happen around her which labelled her as a freak at her previous school. And finally, she gets an explanation. Her powers draw her to the popular kids who want her in their coven due to her incredible powers. The popular kids wanting her in their Coven was very similar to The Secret Circle, but the truth about her powers made her decision to be in the Coven much more complicated.

I bought this as an ebook and I was not disappointed, it was much better than I expected. Its characters, twists and turns made this a fun witch book and I look forward to reading more of the Clearwater Witches series. I give 4/5.


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