Mystery · Young Adult books

One Of Us Is Lying, by Karen M McManus


A dead body, four suspects; everyone has secrets. Simon ran a gossip app, revealing everyone’s deepest, darkest secrets. Bronwyn, the good-girl nerd. Nate, the drug-dealing parolee. Addy, the popular girl dating the perfect boy, and Cooper, the best baseball player in the school. Each was lured to dentation that fateful date, five virtual strangers, four bound together by tragedy. But with everyone keeping their own secrets, their own motives, who killed Simon?

At first, each character seemed like their stereotypes but as they revealed more about themselves they developed beyound these confines. Addy was surprisingly strong and finally grew a backbone. Bronwyn wasn’t the perfect honour-student while Nate was equally more than some lost-cause and Cooper was the nicest guy in school. It was sad how every one of them had troubled families, though it was good at demonstrating that every family has its issues no matter how perfect they may appear from the outside.

I don’t want to spoil too much since it’ll reveal what each characters’ secret is. I will say that my favourite characters were Cooper and Addy (surprisingly). Usually, I hate the popular girl/guy focused solely on their social status but Addy was so much more than that. She was struggling with an out-of-control Mother obsessed with dating younger men and partying while trying to find her place in the school and who her true friends are. Cooper was such a nice guy that I just wanted to hug him and protect him from the world. His Father was an absolute jerk and made Cooper’s life a living hell. Even with being treated like a thoroughbred horse, Cooper is still kind and generous to everyone he meets.

The twists and turns throughout this book had me tense and dying to find out what happened. Though I did predict the murderer, I didn’t guess related elements/people. I give it 5/5.


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