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Queen Heir, Jaymin Eve

I’m a big fan of paranormal books, especially werewolves, so I was practically jumping up and down when I came across this novel revolving around wolf and bear shifters. The basic set up of this world sees power coursing through magic current lines, ley lines, throughout the world that culminates in crystals in New York.… Continue reading Queen Heir, Jaymin Eve

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Blood Ties (Spirit Animals #3) by Garth Nix

Things finally get real for the team when Meilin's home is under attack by the Conquerors. Her behaviour is consistent with her past behaviour and she sneaks off to go on her own mission; to save her home and father. She's stubborn and thick headed, though I understand her need to help her home, her plan… Continue reading Blood Ties (Spirit Animals #3) by Garth Nix

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Hunted (Spirit Animals #2) by Maggie Stiefvater

In this second instalment in the Spirit Animals series the team continue on their dangerous journey. We learn a startling truth; the spirit animal bond doesn't have to come naturally but can be forced. This shocking revelation completely changes the world, enlarging the Devourer's armies and destroying the sacred bond between human and spirit animal.… Continue reading Hunted (Spirit Animals #2) by Maggie Stiefvater

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Lord of Shadows, by Cassandra Clare

It’s taken me a while to finish this book due to all my university readings, but here it is, finally. The newest instalment in the Shadowhunter world sees Julian, Emma and their family take on even more fearsome enemies. After the death of Malcolm in Lady Midnight, the Blackthorns thought they were safe. Unfortunately, they were… Continue reading Lord of Shadows, by Cassandra Clare

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The Bad Beginning, by Lemony Snicket

A good gothic style read. I enjoyed how it was the girl interested in inventing and machines while the boy fascinated by books. I felt really sorry for the kids, especially Violet who had to look after her younger siblings while dealing with the horrible situation. And I just wanted to simply punch Count Olaf… Continue reading The Bad Beginning, by Lemony Snicket

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Eighth Grade Bites, by Heather Brewer

This vampire book was very enjoyable, it was good to read a vampire book that didn't focus on dramatic teen love. Vlad, the main character, was a quiet, unpopular and teased kid. Plus, it was clever to have the main character as an average teenage boy who just happens to be a vampire instead some… Continue reading Eighth Grade Bites, by Heather Brewer

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The Iron King, by Julie Kagawa

I absolutely LOVED this book!! The scene with Meghan's little brother was so creepy I had to check under my bed! The thing with the dog completely broke my heart. The beginning of the adventure felt well motivated with good twists and turns. The author's writing style was super enjoyable to read, a real page-turner.… Continue reading The Iron King, by Julie Kagawa