Comparison between eReaders, physical books & audiobooks

There are many different ways of reading nowadays from the classic book to eReaders and audio books. Everyone has some form of personal preference but trying them all can be fun. Personally, I’ve gotten into my eReader more lately as it is slightly cheaper to buy books. Seeing as I read so much it is more cost effective. I also find it hard to hold most books open so I find the eReader helps to limit this.

eReaders are great for people who travel or read a lot as you can carry around plenty of books easily. Books can cost between nothing and $10 which is cheaper than hard copy book or audio books. I love my eReader because you can highlight or unhighlight anything you like and look up any words that you don’t know. I also have trouble with holding a book open as I’ve already said. For people who have trouble reading due to the words being too small the added feature of being able to make the words bigger can be a real lifesaver. On some devices, you can also get them to read the book to you. However, it is very robotic and buying an audiobook would get rid of this problem. Personally, I love my eReader, it’s my favourite thing I own, and I prefer it to the other two options.

Hard copy books are losing popularity for some people. This is a real shame. I love hard copy books. They have a real character that is unique to them; they have a lovely feel in your hands and a nice smell. They also look great on shelves! However, they can take up a lot of space and on a regular basis can cost quite a bit. I prefer to own my favourite books or series after I have read them on my eReader.

Audiobooks are great for people who have trouble reading words on a page, have concentration issues or simply want to be doing other things at the same time. I know plenty of people who love to pop on an audiobook while doing chores or driving. It can be a fun experience listening to a good book being read by your favourite actor. Though it can be hard to enjoy if the reader has a dull or engaging voice. I never used get into audiobooks, I wasn’t engaged and simply preferred the act of reading, but since being sick and unable to use my arms I have found audiobooks a godsend. They let you ‘read’ whilst doing other things or, like me, are unable to turn a page or even hold a book.

I love my eReader more than anything, I can keep hundreds of books easily without taking up a lot of space, look up words I don’t know and high light important sentences. I love owning hard copy books though, especially owning all the books of my favourite series or author. I hope this helped you!


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