The Golden Tower, Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

It’s finally here, the climax to the Magisterium series. The waiting for this book was one of the most frustrating times. After the traumatic events of the last book, the characters start in a dark place. Aaron is dead, again, but no one knows that Call drew Aaron’s soul into his own body. After everything that happened, returning to the Magisterium seems surreal to Call. Now that his secret has been revealed to everyone he’s even more of an outcast than before, being treated with cruelty and fear. But still, his friends stand by his side.

Since so many masters were lost during the battle with Alex, two students are transferred into Tamara and Call’s apprentice group. Call hates the idea at first; it’s just supposed to be Tamara and Aaron, the three amigos. Add to that it’s Jasper that joins their group (along with Gwenda, a friend of theirs) Call is beyond hesitant. But it’s interesting to see that though the two new apprentices don’t have the same investment in the events as Call and Tamara do they still join in on their quest with hardly a second thought. They even stand up to the other students for them. It was great to see these characters more, especially Gwenda, who turned out to be quite interesting and strong characters in their own right.

Call is still in love with Tamara while she still struggles with her feelings for him. But they can’t explore their relationship with Aaron sharing Call’s head. No privacy whatsoever. Call can’t even think about how beautiful Tamara is without Aaron mentally gagging. Their relationship had me cheering for them, glued to the page to find out if they get together.

SPOILER WARNING: Alex returns as a Devoured of Chaos which is intriguing. How does that even work? How are Call and his friends supposed to defeat someone so powerful with such mastery of chaos? Yet that only had me more obsessed with this book! They remained determined throughout which is beyond impressive when faced with such an enemy. Most people would have run away or broken down. Call nearly does just that but thanks to Tamara’s resilience and constant support he is able to face the most terrifying enemy the mage world has ever seen.

Aaron being inside Call’s mind allowed them to discover secrets about Call’s past. They find that Call’s history is much darker and more complex than anyone could’ve thought. It was a great reveal that led to an even greater mystery. What a twist! It felt like it could lead to another book or villain if they wanted.

When it came to the final battle, I could hardly breathe! How were a group of kids supposed to defeat such a powerful enemy? But they had faith in each other and their plan. The battle was action-packed and a triumphant climax to the series. But there was one problem, there were instances where someone who showed up then showed up again a few pages later. It was frustrating because it slowed the action and forced you back to reality. That was the only problem I had.

I loved this book. It was a great climax to the series with even more twists then I thought they could come up with after so many books. A great, action-packed, magic blasting book that definitely deserves 5/5.


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